Resumes for Today’s Job Market

Workshop:  Resumes for Today’s Job Market  – The “Rules” have changed. Does your resume reflect the new rules?

Today’s job seekers need to know how to document their skills, work history, and unique characteristics through the use of a resume and cover letter. They also need to effectively market themselves and set themselves apart in today’s competitive job market. In addition to learning about the importance of “online presence’ and receive additional resources for developing effective marketing tools. 
  • Learning Outcomes:
Participants will:
    • Identify how the rules for resume writing have changed in recent years
    • State the purpose of a resume and cover letter
    • Identify the key elements that should be included in a resume
    • Identify  4 major types of resumes
    • Define the term “Online Presence” and how it relates to resumes
    • Be able to locate resources for creating a resume and cover letter
    • Be able to create a resume based on current trends

  • Workshop Presenter:
  • Downloads 
            PowerPoint File – General
  • Resume Examples and Tips:

              Chronological Resume

                Combination Resume 
                Cover Letter
           Funny Resume Bloopers
           Common Grammar Rules For Resumes
           Sample Functional Resume
               Video: Slope of the Curve (Technology is Replacing Jobs)
           Video: Shift Happens
           Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid
           Most Overused Words
  • Related Resources:
             Vista Print (order business cards)
             Job Search Websites
             Writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV)
             Video: “Entitlement Creed”
  • So How Do You Find and Get Your Dream Job?
  • Decision-Making Variables
  • Employment History – Working Document
  • Generational Values
  • Hidden Rules
  • Reaching Career Goals
  • Happenstance
  • Know Your Audience
  • “Tell Me About Yourself”