Career Assessment – Strong Interest Inventory

Workshop:  Career Assessments – Strong Interest Inventory (SII) Interpretation:  Discovering What You Love to Do
  • Overview:
After having taken the official Strong Interest Inventory® (SII), by a certified administrator, participants will engage in an ‘interpretation session’ where they will receive their personalized report and an explanation of what that report means.  Participants will also receive information about how to find potential jobs/careers that are compatible with their reported interests.
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  • Learning Outcomes:

Participants will:

    • Understand and Know how to read their personalized Strong Interest Inventory report.
    • Identify Holland’s six RIASEC code themes and characteristics.
    • Identify their theme code based on their assessment results.
    • ​Identify their Basic Interest Scales (BIS) as reported on their assessment results.
    • Identify their Occupational Themes (OT) as reported on their assessment results.
    • Identify their Personal Styles (PS) as reported on their assessment results.
    • Identify suggested college majors, experiences, and campus activities appropriate to their interests.
    • Identify their level of agreement with their personalized report.
    • Identify 3-5 potential careers upon which they should investigate further.
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