The Journey

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Rapidly-Changing World - Image
You may be asking why anyone should need to meet with a consultant?  Isn't it as simple as choosing a goal and getting started?  No, it isn't.  The process of setting and achieving a goal is very complex because there are many variables that affect the success of the journey. Below are a few tools designed to help you register what affects the journey and an individual's success.
Dream Chasers & Goal Setters Journey
This tool illustrates the process and the variables that affect the journey's success

Square Watermelons 
(Environmental shaping)

These images of "Square Watermelons" give a visual representation of the question of "Nature or Nurture".  
The analogy - Watermelons equal human beings: 
The watermelons are grown in a square box to make them more space-efficient for storage and shipping purposes. 

            1) The development of natural giftedness  

             2) The development of acquired skills (i.e. "transferrable skills") needed to compensate for 
                            some potentially inappropriate behaviors (i.e.: a structured, disciplined upbringing promotes 
                            self-discipline in an otherwise unfocused/undisciplined person).

The analogy of Square Watermelons also explains why the self-awareness process (and setting appropriate goals accordingly) is so complex: Is the watermelon square or round?  It is both: round by nature, but square by environmental shaping.  
Round Watermelons?
So what do "human round watermelons" look like?  
They are best seen through two lenses:
Purposeful Living:
This tool illustrates how an individual's in ability to distinguish the difference between identity, life roles, and life purpose, can cause confusion to the person who is seeking meaning and purpose for his/her life. It also illustrates that without a greater vision for one's life, an individual lives a compartmentalized life, which is characterized by stress. 

A Rapidly-Changing World:
We live in a rapidly-changing world where globalization and advances in technology are causing tremendous institutional,  economic and cultural upheaval.  This upheaval is causing increasing levels of confusion and stress on individuals as they try to navigate a world that can't be predicted and where still they need to develop and maintain their job marketability.  

 version does the best job of providing a visual representation of the message being conveyed.)

Purposeful Living: